Installation Instruction

Short installation instruction

We recommend entrusting the installation of terrace boards in the safe hands of our professionals. However, if you do the installation of the terrace boards yourself, please follow exactly the directions listed below, which will guarantee a long service life of our material:

1. Upon receipt, the material should be allowed to acclimate for at least 24 hours, stored in a shady, dry and smooth-faced place.

2. When designing the subfloor construction of the terrace (alignment), the distances between the centers of the sleepers must not exceed 400 millimeters.

3. For terraces with a medium and low load: 400 millimeters between the centers of the sleepers. For terraces with a high load, such as a public place, we recommend reducing the distance to 300 millimeters.

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4. When creating a terrace subfloor and providing the interval between the load-bearing elements required above, we recommend leaving the smallest space on the outer edge of the terrace, thus guaranteeing a stronger foundation for the part of the terrace that will have a higher load.

5. When fixing the terrace boards, compensating gaps in the longitudinal direction to the board or obstacle (house wall, tree, etc.) must be observed.

6. A gap of 1-2 millimeters must be observed for each running meter of the terrace board so that the material can expand in hot and humid weather.

7. When installing terrace boards, overhangs of more than 50 mm are not permitted! The ends of the boards must be secured with a sleeper no further than 50 mm from the end of the board to prevent incorrect load formation. The example below shows how the boards should not be installed (the end of the board on the left is not fixed, the compensation gap on the right side of the wall is not observed).

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8. We recommend not to lay the terrace boards longitudinally to avoid gaps in the terrace covering, but if the geometric dimensions of the terrace do not allow the use of solid boards, each end of the terrace board should be placed on its own sleeper, creating a double sleeper in this place.

9. Only stainless-steel screws of sufficient thickness (3.5 mm) should be used to fasten the boards. The screws work in tandem with our mounting brackets.

10. If you drill through the board when using the screws to screw the board in, the full warranty conditions may not apply. We recommend assembling our boards only with our mounting brackets.

11. When planning the terrace covering, it is very important to create a 1 % slope for the entire terrace covering to ensure drainage of water from the terrace. At the same time, care must be taken to ensure that the terrace boards do not end on a sleeper which may prevent the drainage of water from the ends of the boards.

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12. Terrace boards must be properly fastened so as their location cannot change and deform. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact us and we will help! All these installation terms are binding on any customer who has purchased our product to guarantee the full warranty period. You can find the full warranty conditions on our website.

13. Calculation table of average material per 1 square meter of terrace:

Number of boards Number of clips Number of sleepers
6 17 2..3 depending on the step