Composite decking without visible screws


When you are planning to build a composite deck or planning to renovate an existing deck, it is very important that the subfloor is stable and durable while the chosen decking material - long-lasting. 
But have you ever thought about the importance of a hidden deck fastening system?
Could it be a better alternative to the standard mounting method (screwing decking boards with screws which means that you have to drill through the decking boards themselves)? 


Main advantages of the TOP DEX hidden deck fastening system.


  1. Greater resistance against changing weather conditions.

Although the screws themselves are fully resistant to different types of weather, you should take into consideration that over time the material will begin to degrade in exact places where the decking boards were drilledAfter rainfall or decking cleaning the water may get into the drilled holes and the water from there will not drain completely resulting in a negative impact on the service life of the decking
The TOP DEX hidden deck fastening system allows the decking boards to be mounted to the subfloor without drilling. 


   2.  Easy to install

With TOP DEX hidden deck fastening system, installing a deck has become easier than ever before.  The decking fastener fits into a groove on the edge of the decking board and is mounted to the subfloor with a single screw. You also do not have to worry about gaps between the decking boards, as the fasteners will leave an equal distance of 3/16 inch. between the decking boards.


   3.  Barefoot friendly decking

If you are going to use the screws to attach the composite decking to its frame, there is a risk of injury afterwards. You, your children and pets will be safer to walk on the terrace if you choose a hidden deckfastening system. It will be also a more pleasant solution for bare feet. 


   4.   Aesthetic appeal

The hidden deck fastening system is not only functional, but also gives a much better visual look. Although the screws are available on the market in different colors that can be matched to the color tones of the deckingboards, it is difficult to get a result in which the screws would be invisible